A Constant Companion


Have you ever had one of those dogs? You know what I mean. That dog that gets you, and as wierd as it sounds you get them too. Duke Miller Watts was that dog. He came into our home as a little boxer puppy given to us as a Christmas gift by my aunt DeDe before we had any kids of our own. Actually, I was 3 months pregnant with Jack at the time. He has been a constant companion through it all until today when we had to put him to sleep. He had developed Lymphoma and it progressed very quickly to the point where over the last week he really had no quality of life. It was very hard watching our 4 and a half year old dog deteriorate after being so full of life and energy.

I am pretty sad because over the past several years we have had some major life transitions and Duke has always been there just wagging his little tail waiting for me to sit down so he could too. When he was a puppy I took him with me everywhere. Ben was working two or three jobs and we only had one car, so Duke was my driving buddy. We went on walks every day so this prego could get some exercise. He welcomed Jack home from the hospital and laid in the hallway when I could not get out of bed from the c-section just staring at me and then ever so often would come put his nose on the bed to check on me. When Ben worked late hours he would curl up on the couch with me to wait and eat some of my popcorn too. When my dad died, he would just come lay next to me and let me cry on him like he knew I needed something furry.

He has let the boys climb all over him like a playground and been so patient with all of John’s hugs and kisses. He ate cigarette butts, pecans, whole chickens, olives, peanut butter and jelly, drank coffee and never showed signs of it coming back up. He chased the squirrels and basically anything that moved near our house. He would circle the boys to protect them anytime they were around anything dangerous. He would growl at any man other than Ben that  tried to approach me. He answered the door for me when I was home alone and scared a couple of people off and he truly was one of my best friends. You know, the kind that doesn’t talk and only listens (-:

I miss him a lot already and definitely feel like there is a part of me that is gone, but I smile when I think of all the good memories we have of such a great dog and how blessed we were to have him as a part of our family for our time in Tulsa. Love ya Dukey!

7 thoughts on “A Constant Companion

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I remember Duke when you guys lived next to TLC.. he would press his nose to the glass and watch all the festivities in the house. He was such a sweetheart. I’m sorry you lost a part of the family.

  2. Katy, Ben, Jack, and John,

    I am so sorry to hear about Duke. This tribute to him was perfectly worded from someone who held him so dear to her heart. Duke was the only dog that Arianna ever warmed to and somehow he tolerated her. Since we visited you recently for Jack’s birthday, Maryn has mentioned seeing “Dute” every day. In fact, she mentioned him to me today, as I was driving with her in the car.

    I realize this is nothing like losing your father, but it is certainly a loss. Know that I appreciate your sweet tribute to a wonderful “woman’s best friend.”

    Grace and peace on you all.

    Scot J. Law

    • I totally thought about how Maryn had just warmed up to Duke and it made me sad. Thanks for your kind words!! I am thinking now I should have named the blog “womans best friend” (-:

  3. Thanks for sharing your heart and Dukes life with us. We will miss the sweaty wrestling sessions (actually I will miss WATCHING your giant dog & my giant husband tackle eachother while I get worn out just seeing all the sweat & drool fly) and how full of life he always was. We will miss his presence and his sweet nature. Simply, we will miss Duke. Love u Katy.

  4. Renae and I just read your post together… she’s at my side as I write this, we both teared up and are so sorry for your loss. Dog lovers all understand – our hearts are with you.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about Duke! You know how Mike & I are about our girls. We miss you guys sooooooooo much! I love your blog!!! It is such a blessing!

  6. Katy Jo,

    This made me cry…just thinking about what a good companion he was for you and the boys. I’m excited to see you all tomorrow, to play and laugh after your time of sorrow. You guys will want to swim off all this heat down here…it’s brutal! Love you much!

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