Love- pt. 2

Ok, so I did not intend for love to have a part 2, but I was reading in 2 Samuel and David’s love for Saul  just continues to blow me away. Ben and I were talking about it last night and I realize that Saul and David were very close for many years, but I have to say that if someone tried to hunt me down and kill me several different times I would probably feel a  bit of anger and bitterness towards them. I understand that David did not want to harm the Lord’s anointed – that I get, but when David found out that Saul had died his first response was not to breathe a sigh of relief, but it says in the Word that he and the men with him tore their clothes and wept!!!  That is genuine, unconditional, Christ-like love!  He continues to speak nothing but good about Saul and praise all of the wonderful things he had done. This amazes me and convicts me. Would I feel the same way? Would my first response be love? I know that David’s response was not decided that day, but the many years up to that point when he chose to spend time in God’s presence and receive love from God that he in turn was able to give out. If out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, what are we putting in our hearts?

1 thought on “Love- pt. 2

  1. That goes deep, Katy. I officially feel prodded. It’s interesting, because since last night when we talked, I’ve been asking God for a deeper revelation of his love. I’m getting pretty hung up on my own sense of right and wrong. It’s really hard for me to love someone when I feel they’ve hurt me or someone I care about, especially if they should know better. But I do the same thing all the time and want God’s forgiveness, yet I still have a hard time giving it. We need to experience his love before we can have love to give. Thanks for challenging me to go deeper.

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