John was down for a nap and Jack was watching a show, which meant I finally had time to get some stuff done. I was moving about doing random things and Ben came home on his lunch break. He sat by Jack and watched Charlotte’s Web for a few minutes when Jack stopped watching, looked over at Ben and said, “Dad, I love you.”  This melted my heart and I have to say I was a little bit jealous, but then I realized that Ben just took a moment to sit still by him.  The Lesson: God is love. That is His character and He does not know how to be any other way. Therefore, the problem must be with us. If we never sit still by Him  how will we ever hear and understand how much He really does love us.

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. Wow, babe…didn’t know you saw that. I love it when our kids do that spontaneously. Makes me want to tell God I love him today…spontaneously!! I know you’re a busy mom, wife and friend to many. I’m amazed at how you take the time to notice God in the little things. I remember before our rehearsal dinner saying that I was attracted to your heart most of all. Well, I have to say I’m still attracted. Love you! B

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