My First Blog

Well, I figured I should catch up with the times and all of our friends and start blogging. I feel very rested and guess I am up for starting something new. For the first night in I don’t know how long I actually slept all night and did not get out of bed at all. That sounds simple to some, but for me it is like winning the lottery. Ben even noticed that I was smiling and talking before I had coffee (-: Baby John is finally getting on a great schedule and is so happy about it. It took a few nights of tears and frustration, but he has done great the past couple of nights going back to sleep on his own when he wakes up!!! Yeah!! Jack is really doing great at potty training and we have not had any accidents in about a week, which is great since he has only been going at this for about 3 weeks. He is becoming such a little man. We are so blessed with wonderful kids.

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