Encouraging Word

I was driving today and the song “What Life Would Be Like” by Big Daddy Weave came on the radio. It was the first time I heard this song and it gave me goose bumps all over. Incredible lyrics!! It is so good to be reminded every day of the question “What would life be like if we truly let Jesus live through you and me??” Just a good reminder of what my focus should be on – not the laundry (eventhough it does need to get done) – but while I am doing the laundry and dishes and sweeping up toast crumbs for the 5th time today I should be focusing on living my life in the spirit and letting God use me and work through me to minister to others. I am realizing more and more that God wants to give me things and impart things to me so I can give to others, not so I can hang onto every word and blessing and keep it to myself. Give, Love, Share, Be Patient, Slow Down, Rest… aren’t these the very words I say to my kids all day – God is speaking to us too!

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