Above All Else

I was driving in the car this morning and was completely overwhelmed with the presence of God. It was so tangible I can hardly explain it. Everything around me seemed greener, brighter and so much more beautiful in those few moments. Four or five hours later I read something that made my heart so sad, angry and dissapointed that it hurt. Also so tangible I can hardly explain it and I found myself in tears. As I was wondering around my house trying to make sense of my thoughts and feelings and keep my kids occupied I realized something. I can’t change what happened or what anyone believes, I can’t fix things I can’t fix, and I can’t make everything ok or even make it go away. ABOVE ALL ELSE… God is good and I can trust Him in all things, whether I am feeling the beauty of His presence or the ache of His heart

1 thought on “Above All Else

  1. The story of your Christian life is more about what Jesus is doing than us. Jesus makes the same offer today as He did yesterday. Himself. Religion toils away, trying to find the right mix of teachings to carve out a semblance of life. But Christianity is no teaching. Jesus doesn’t ask us to follow a creed or a code, but rather that we invite Him into every moment of our lives. Why? Because in every moment we need life. Jesus is that Life. He is the only figure in all of history to make such a claim. To allow Christianity to become anything less than Jesus turns it into a religion. The “right now” of life (the moment) always comes to us empty and hollow. It needs to be filled. It needs meaning. The moment needs Jesus. For He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. So often the moment we are living in calls for life with a little ‘l’. Only Jesus offers life with the big ‘L’ and He’s always there when we let Him fill the moments of our lives.

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