Love is Patient…..

I have been dwelling on this phrase for a few days. It has been rolling around in my head and surfacing in those moments when I want to be impatient. Sometimes I make the right choice and other times I have momentary amnesia (=  However, the other night I had a new insight into 1 Corinthians 13. I was asking the question “Why does patience come first in the list of what love is?”  I feel like God pulled away a layer for me. If I will first be patient and listen with a heart of love and a desire for relationship then the Holy Spirit will step in and lead the rest of the way. This takes submission, listening and following but what you get in return is a map to walking out love in its truest form. Something we could never do on our own anyway, but could quite possibly die trying. This is about relationship. A journey. That is why it starts with patience!


The sticky film you can never seem to mop up completely from under the kitchen table….I have decided to call it “glaze”. Sounds fancy and as if it is supposed to be there, which makes my kitchen a lot cleaner than it was two minutes ago. Done!!