Breakfast Prayers

ImageWe have been going through a “season” with Luke. Yes, he is absolutely adorable, but he has also learned the words “EWWW…YUCK!”  Also adorable, unless you are his mother and set down some homemade chicken pot pie in front of him and hear those words in chant like fashion. (=  Being the innovative mom that I sometimes pretend to be, I asked Ben to get the ketchup for me!! Yes, I drizzled ketchup over his chicken pot pie so he would eat it and partially so I would not have to make him anything else to eat. I realize that some parenting books would say to let them go hungry and then feed them the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner until they eat it, but you do not understand how this boy works. He will wake up hungry in the middle of the night, or worse, will get up really early (before 6am) crying out for food and never go back to sleep.

This morning when Luke was done with breakfast, he just cleared his tray of everything…juice cup,spoon, and bowl of cereal complete with milk inside…all to the floor. We tried to ignore it and just go about our business and the older boys did a great job of not giving it too much attention, but after everyone was excused from the table Jack came over to me and said, “Mom, maybe we need to start saying prayers at breakfast too.”  Love that boy and Amen!!!

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