Use Your Words

If there is one phrase I say over and over this would be it…”use your words, use your words, use your words.”¬† Whenever one of my kids screams or whines I tell them that I cannot hear them or help them until they “use their words”. Well, you would think that since I say it so much that I would have it down myself, but I sometimes find that is not the case. Today I got upset at how my husband responded to me and instead of “using my words” to ask him what he intended to say I got upset and left the room with my feelings hurt. What am I, a three year old??? Uggg! To make it worse, later in the morning¬† I was getting onto one of my kids for getting angry with their brother before talking it through with him (insert conviction and more uggg!!)¬† Yes, you guessed it. I immediately emailed my husband an apology. I guess I need to learn this lesson before I can expect my kids to do it right 100% of the time. That is why there is grace for today and bright hope for tomorrow (=

I See The Light

You know..the one at the end of the tunnel! We had major breakthrough today. Jack read!! He realized he could do it. He sat down and read 50 pages in his reader. Something opened up for him. He is sitting by me right now and just said “mom, now I am going to be reading all of the restaurants for you” (food is very important to him). This is not just huge for him, but for me too. As a new home school mom working with my first kid I am constantly asking myself if this is actually going to work. It works for other people but they are probably better at this than me, so will it really work? Well, it does and it did. I feel like I was successful at something for the first time in our home school journey. We have had small accomplishments, but this is the first big breakthrough and it is so rewarding…even more than I thought it would be…to see your child get excited about reading and start inhaling every book that looks even half way interesting. My heart is so full of a really deep and rewarding joy. Thank you Lord for this moment…I am treasuring it fully!