We have this firetruck. Jack got it for his birthday last year and it was so much fun. It was a blow up toy that the boys could acutally sit on and pretend like they were the firefighter. It hooked up to the garden hose and water sprayed out of a little fire hose and out of a separate little fire hydrant and then there was also a sprayer on the back of the truck. Really..lots of fun, until…it broke. The water would get backed up in the little hydrant and would never reach the other sprayers, and then that water got all moldy so I had to separate the two parts and now it doesn’t hook up to the hose anymore. It is just a little fire truck to sit on, which is still kind of fun, but not nearly as fun as we all know it could be. Jack keeps asking me about it and today I was trying to explain why it doesn’t work anymore and I found myself telling him that it was all connected and since some of the parts are broken then the whole thing is broken.  Oh man did this lesson jump out at me:  This is what the body of Christ is like. Some of the parts are broken and the water gets backed up and all moldy and never makes it to the sprayers. The body as a whole is still kind of working, but is not nearly as effective as we know we could be.  We can never believe the lie that what we are called to do is not important to the body. Each and every part is important or somewhere along the line something will get backed up. God, please continue to show me what I am to put my hands to in this season…let no job be too small to glorify You!

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