Leave-In Conditioner

As most everyone knows, all great revelations come in the shower…or at least in some proximity of the bathroom. Being a mom of two boys who inherited great communication skills, for me it is the shower – my 10 (ok 30) minutes of quietness!!

My great revelation this evening came when I was looking up at the conditioner bottle and saw the word fortifying. I thought to myself, “now that is a great word to describe God”. I went on to read the rest of the “promises” that were written on the bottle and I realized that if you just substitute the word “you” for the word “hair”  and God’s name in place of the word “conditioner” you have yourself a message of deliverance right there in the shower. Now, you have to take into account that I just so happened to purchase a conditioner for dry, damaged hair which makes it even better. Stick with me!

This is how I read it:  “Are you dry, over-dried or damaged? Feel unhealthy to the touch? Do you need nourishment without being weighed down? Try God’s Triple Nutrition…the 3 nutritive oils penetrate to nourish every part of you to the core.  1. The oil of the Father nourishes the inner core. 2. The oil of Jesus nourishes and softens the middle layer. 3. The oil of the Holy Spirit nourishes and smoothes the surface.  The Results: Triple Nutrition for a dry, over-dried or damaged you. You will become silky, radiant and full of life. Directions: Apply God to you from the root to the tip. Rinse. For best results, use the the whole Triple Nutrition System!!! 

Ok, you can’t say that isn’t just good stuff right there on isle 32. The Lesson: God is everywhere and in everything desperately wanting to heal our dry, damaged souls. All we have to do is apply it (His Word and His Promises), and the more dry…the more we have to apply, every day. I pray that He will open your eyes to see the radiant and full life He has for you!

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