He Gave It All

Well, I guess you could say this is my “christmas blog”.  My oldest son has had so many questions this Christmas season about God and Jesus and what all happened that I can hardly keep up. Today, he blew me away. We were dropping our daddy off at work and going to run some errands and he started firing away. If you know him, you know that he can ask more questions in one minute than a doctor..a special gift that he comes by honestly (-: Anyway, he was asking me if God had blood. Well….I said, ” I don’t think so because He is a Spirit.”  Then he said, “but Jesus had blood because they said it spilled out” so I answered, “yes, that is true. When Jesus lived on the earth he lived in a body just like ours and he did have blood that spilled out when he died on the cross.”  So my son sat there for a minute and then said, “But he does not have anymore now that he is in heaven, because he spilled it all out for us while he was here on earth.”  Wow!  I just sat there for a minute and finally said, “you know, that is a really good observation”  and man it is so true…Jesus gave it all while he was here on earth so we could have it all when we get to heaven. Thank You Jesus…we really do appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “He Gave It All

  1. Umm…had to take a long gulp on that one. I think you started to tell me that story and then, as always, got interrupted by more questions. Having kids feels like God’s second chance to see things clearly and simply again. Thanks for posting.

  2. Ummm yeah, that just made me cry. I love this blog Katy! It truly is amazing to see the “Lessons from God through your kids.”

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