Little Houses

Well..I finally got to decorate for Christmas. I know there are others that look forward to this, but for some reason this year I could hardly wait. I did not do anything illegal like decorate before Thanksgiving or the day after (-: but I did start the Monday after!  This has been an unusual season for us. I have had most of my house packed for a year and it has been on the market for almost 90 days and I am 6 months pregnant and nesting like you would not believe. I can’t settle in or get the baby’s room ready or really do anything of the sort, but….I can decorate for Christmas!!!  I tried to wait for Ben, but if you have ever met me you would understand, and if you have ever met me pregnant you would (like Ben) have known it would be done before he got home. Sure, my kids were a little nuts, but they loved it when it was done (-: The most fun part is getting out all of the Christmas Village houses that my parents have given me over the years and set up our “little houses” inside our home. Jack got to help this year and I think it was the highlight of his week. He was so excited and I had to keep reminding him of how breakable they were, but he did a great job. He kept jumping up and down saying “It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas!” and every morning this week he has gotten up and come to the kitchen and asked me to come in the living room and look at how awesome our “little houses” look in the dark. Yes, they look the same all day, but he just loves them and wants to share his excitement. This is what got me thinking…God feels the same way. Every morning He anticipates getting to share more of Himself with us and reveal more of His Word to us. Yes, God is the same yesterday, today and forever…are we excited about that? Will we walk with Him into the living room of our hearts, sit down and see what He so desperately and patiently has been waiting to show us?

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