I am thinking about thankfulness today. Obviously Thanksgiving is approaching and that is when we reflect as a family on the things we are thankful for, but how do I teach my children to be thankful in the everyday?  How do I teach them to get their eyes off of what color of vitamins they are getting and on the bigger picture? I can tell them to be thankful until I am blue in the face and I do think it is important to talk about it, but I feel as though we need a visual life lesson. Any ideas???  I was so blessed yesterday with some maternity clothes and a date with my husband and am feeling very thankful today for being so well taken care of. We also watched the movie “Faith Like Potatoes” and it made me even more thankful for running water, a home, healthy kids, a job for my husband, and a husband that trusts God and is the spiritual leader of our home. So, I guess my question is, how do I get the little things to stay little in the eyes of my kids when the little things are the only things they know? I think I just answered my own question, but I would love to get some feedback!!