Wormie Worm

EuroDriftWorms-1It was a big day at our house yesterday. My oldest and most cautious son picked up a worm!!! I know what you are thinking..big deal, right? Well, it is around here. I don’t think he has ever touched a bug in his four plus years and our yard is full of them. Now, his brother John picked it up right away and was even responsible when one of the worms went missing. When asked where he put it, he said, “ummmmm…ahhhhh…over there” but he has not acted sick and I have not found anything in his diaper, so I am still hoping that “over there” was an accurate description. Anyway, Jack was so excited about his two new worms that we even put them in a tupperware container with some dirt and let them come inside for most of the day. Right before dinner I told him that it was time to put the worms back in the yard so they could go find food and do whatever it is that worms do. Jack was very concerned and said, “But mom, if we put them back outside we won’t be able to find them again….will they be in the same holes where we put them?” To which I answered, “probably not” to which Jack continued to plead, “but mom, if they won’t be in the same holes where we put them then we will have to look for them again and might not be able to find them tomorrow when we want to play with them. I then said, “Well, Jack, we will just have to go out there and look for them until we find them just like we did today.”

The Lesson: God says when we seek Him with all our heart He will be found by us. He doesn’t say that we can just settle for looking in the same hole of our old paradigm because it is comfortable and it is what we know. Sometimes He wants to do a new thing or He wants us to go deeper in the same thing, but we just can’t settle for what we know, we have to get to know God and know His heart for each and every situation. Just because He is the same yesterday, today and forever, doesn’t mean that we get to be. Take the time to look in some different holes!

Hosea 10:12 “Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, until He comes and showers righteousness on you.”

3 thoughts on “Wormie Worm

  1. LOL! Wow, best post to date. Like getting slapped with a velvet covered brick. I’ll have to add “auto-pilot” to my list of things that don’t exist in the Kingdom.

  2. OK, now you’ve got me thinking about the spiritual analogies of the wormholes of theoretical physics and sci-fi. My brain is exploding!!
    Seriously, great insight.

  3. I was with clay and my sci-fi mind is expanding in space…”He doesn’t say that we can just settle for looking in the same hole of our old paradigm because it is comfortable and it is what we know”…”we have to get to know God and know His heart for each and every situation.” Love it! When we know God’s character, we really do see that there are so many great possibilities!! Usually none of them easy or quickly walked through, but that’s His heart in every situation…to get us to seek HIM!

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