Once Again

metal_ball_toilet_sqEvery time Jack needs to go upstairs to “sit on the potty” I follow him in anticipation of receiving my next blog idea, and well…he did it once again. He goes in the bathroom, shuts the door and turns on the fan. Something to this ritual helps him really focus and get the job done. I lean my ear up to the door like only every good mother would do and listen intently. Jack has recently been asking about all of the animals at the zoo and if they will be nice in heaven, especially the polar bear from the Tulsa Zoo that recently went to heaven,  which should explain the first part of his thought process, but the rest just amazed me…too sweet not to share, so here it is.

“God, will you take care of the polar bear?  Ok, thanks.”

“God, just forgive us, forgive us and send your angels, just send your angels. Thank You God.”

I hear a kid crying out for his generation already!

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