Couldn’t Have Said It Better

not sharing“Too often, we Christians expect life to be perfect and for everything to go smoothly for us. We expect success, happiness, joy, peace, and everything else. When we’re thwarted, we pout or complain. Although God does want us to have a good life, there will be times when we must be patient and endure not getting our way. These ‘dissappointments’ test our character and level of spiritual maturity. they actually show whether or not we truly are ready for promotion….The big mistake was to say we deserved it (something good to happen), because then self-pity creeps in when we don’t get what we want. We can take that attitude, or we can recognize that we have a choice. I can choose to accept life the way it is and make the best out of it, or I can complain because it isn’t perfect. The secret of the Christian life is that we commit ourselves fully to God. If we surrender our wills to God, what happens doesn’t make us angry. If God doesn’t give us what we want and ask for, our faith is strong enough to say, “Not my will, but Yours.”

…….taken from Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind Devotional

1 thought on “Couldn’t Have Said It Better

  1. I have that devotional too!! I haven’t read this one though,so thanks for posting it. I really needed to hear that too since I got so upset and cried the other day when someone dented my van…it’s just a van, but I let self pity creep in & was all, ‘Seriously God??? Do you not want things go work out for me???’. I was a total baby and what Joyce said is basically what Carl & I discussed when I got home. God has given so much…why is it I want it to remain perfect?? Seriously, Katy, I’m glad you posted this đŸ™‚

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