“It’s A Miracle!!”

I have been hearing it everywhere. This topic of miracles taking place in everyday life. Yes, I have seen it happen before, but do I realize how much it happens every day? I don’t think so. I am doing a Beth Moore study on the book of Esther and that is one of the first things that she points out. Esther is a book where God worked through history and natural circumstances to bring about a miracle and make sure that His will was done in the earth. Did everyone know that was a miracle? Probably not. I mean it wasn’t like the Red Sea parting or water turning into wine, but a poor orphan raised by a single Jewish man becoming the Queen of Persia and saving her people from death – that’s a miracle if you ask me!! We will always need miracles that shock our socks off, but we can’t just sit around and say God isn’t there if manna doesn’t fall from the sky. We need to realize that He is always there. He never leaves us or forsakes us and He wants to do miracles in and through us and the people around us every day. A relationship restored, someone edging your yard for you, leaving an addiction behind, having joy through a crisis, having peace through uncertain times….all miracles. I mean even the folks from Charlotte’s Web get it. Stick with me for a minute. Remember the scene when Charlotte the spider spins the first web that reads, “some pig”. The script goes as follows, “we have received a sign – we have a very unusual pig,” “seems to me you are a little off. Seems to me we have no ordinary spider.” “No, it’s just an common gray spider…see, it’s sitting right there.”  “It’s a miracle!!” “We must share this with our friends.”  When miracles come through common things, God is working this way for a reason. He wants us to recognize it, be thankful and share it with our friends which builds faith in Him and helps us to look for these little miracles in our lives every day. The domino affect is that we will turn our focus to God  as the One who brings good things to our lives instead of just marking it up to another coincidence. God really is good all the time and all the time, He is GOOD!

2 thoughts on ““It’s A Miracle!!”

  1. Hmmm…now I must blog about the miracles God has done for me since u r so true that we need to share in order to ignite the faith of others even if through an everyday encounter. You’ve inspired me once again girl.

  2. Awesome…

    Even when you were “younger” you saw so many things that others didn’t. GREAT POST!

    Mike and Renae

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