Everybody Poops

I know, I know…so distasteful, but it got your attention, right?  Well, really and truly there was no other title more appropriate for what I am about to share, which is by far one of my most proud moments as a mother. It was a day like any other day about 45 minutes after lunch when Jack came running up to me with his legs twisted one around the other and he was doing the “poop dance”, so we went upstairs and I helped him up on the potty. As always he asked me to leave the bathroom by saying, “Mom, get out of here, it is really going to stink…oh, and turn the air collector on.”  In case you are wondering what the “air collector” is , it is the fan. Jack thinks that somehow it magically collects all of the stinky air and I think it is so cute that I have never corrected him (maybe one day )(-:  Anyway, I was waiting outside the door and heard him talking, but not to me. He said, “God, please help me learn to take a shower when I get bigger.” Then he said, “Hey God, I am pooping right now……..are you pooping too?” The Lesson: invite God in. Just talk to Him. He desires to have a relationship with us. You know, Jack is a busy kid, but it was so refreshing to see that when he had a few moments to sit still that he took that time to talk to God.

2 thoughts on “Everybody Poops

  1. I am still in tears laughing at this post. Too cute. I have to agree with you. So far I think that three & four are definitely my favorite ages. I hope that my children don’t lose their innocense anytime soon, if ever.

  2. Wow…that was a powerful post that I think every adult needs to read! And there is nothing distatsteful about poop, unless you are in fact going to taste it.

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