Who will rescue me?

p1010076First of all, I love this picture. It just makes me laugh. It was taken at Historic Williamsburg in Virginia when we were living there attending Regent University. Ok, Ben was attending Regent and I was attending Olive Garden University (-: Anyway, when I saw this picture it made me think….I rely on Ben to rescue me (and not just in cheesy pictures). Over the past couple of months Ben has taken several days to be silent. I knew this would be hard for him, but I did not imagine it would be hard for me also!  I realized that I ask for his opinion and “expertise”  on almost everything…especially spiritual concepts or the Word.  I will read something and immediately ask him about the deeper meaning.  Of course, on one of his silent days, I really wanted to know what he thought and all he did was look at me and smile (not funny), so I had to dig deeper on my own and guess what…..God revealed His own words to me in a very personal and ah-ha way, like only He can. It was amazing and caused me to see that every time I ask for someone else’s opinion I cut God out of the deal and don’t even give Him the chance to show me the inside scoop on His Word and be the one to truly rescue me.

1 thought on “Who will rescue me?

  1. Hmmm…that was powerful…maybe I should try being silent for a bit (notice I said just a bit) & see what God reveals to me as well…I do the same thing to Carl with always NEEDING his insight since I assume he hears from God more…pretty sure its just cause he listens more now that u mention it 🙂

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