Foster Parent

It seems like more and more people I know are becoming foster parents, so I have been thinking about the process a lot latelytulsawinter4. I assume that as foster parents you will never know how long a child will be placed with you since they are awaiting adoption, so I imagine that you will make the most of the time you have and pour as much of yourself and God’s love as you can into them, hoping and praying you make a difference in their life for the better. And then it hit me….. I am a foster parent to my own children!  Yes, I labored to get them here, but they never really belonged to me. They are God’s children, and I am a steward over them for the time that they are in my care. So, instead of thinking that I have plenty of time to give into them because they will always be here or pushing them aside for other things that seem to be more pressing, I need to gain the perspective that I am fostering these children for a short time and for someone else….who just happens to be God!

2 thoughts on “Foster Parent

  1. That is SO true and more parents need to realize this.I hope I can remember that when God blesses us with children!

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