Apple Slices

red_slicesIt was snack time at our house and we had one apple. John was the first to the kitchen (as always) so I sliced it up to share between both boys. Jack came in the kitchen and said “I want an apple.”  So I told him to get a bowl and he could share with his brother. He said, “No, mom, I want my own apple.”  He likes to eat them whole (skin and all). I told him this was the last apple so I sliced it up and he would have to share. He said again, “but I want my own whole one!!” I decided not to answer that one again and just said, “Jack, if you want some apple you will have to eat it in slices today.”  He finally warmed up to the idea and got a bowl out and enjoyed his snack even though it was not exactly what he wanted.

The Lesson: God wants to give good gifts to His children (that’s us), but I think sometimes it does not come packaged exactly the way we want it or thought it would come. We think it should look one way and when it doesn’t we complain or think that it must not be God. We must remember God’s heart toward us is good and He wants His best for us.  In other words, God’s ways are always better no matter how you slice ’em (-:

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