18 Months


I think I know why God made 18 month old children so cute…because they get into everything, leave a trail behind them wherever they go, climb everything in sight (especially in the kitchen by the sharp objects) and go through 2-3 shirts a day making you want to absolutely pull your hair out and yell at the top of your lungs “Why!” but they are so darn cute about it that most of the time you just have to laugh and be really good at hiding it while you are trying to be firm and say no. This is John Olin – named after my dad and more and more like my father every day. He is pretty sneaky and turns out he has a slight cookie dough addiction (partly my fault). He is our fun-loving kid that is absolutely adorable and tests our patience every day. He had his 18 month appointment yesterday and finally weighs over 20lbs – here’s to cookie dough (-:

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