“Chase Me”

It was a normal afternoon at our house…worship dvd blairing, Jack wailing on the drums and John and I were dancing around the living room. Sounds like fun, right?? Actually, it was, but this particular afternoon we had been at it for a while and the dvd finally got to one of my favorite songs. This time I was determined to hear all of the words, so I convinced Jack to take a break from the drums and come dance with us. As I moved closer to the TV to listen, Jack decided that he wanted me to chase him around the couch, so he started yelling, “Chase me, chase me.” I was getting a little frustrated because once again I could not hear the words. He started jumping up and down and began to chant louder and louder, “Chase me mommy, chase me…chase me mommy, chase me!!” Then it hit me – that is what God is saying to us – stop getting distracted with other things and come chase Me.

Shine on you

jack_dad_atbeach┬áThis morning as we were dropping our daddy off at work Ben was encouraging us and speaking a blessing over us as he always does and Jack started yelling from the back “shine on you…shine on you.” So Ben leaned back and said “that’s right Jack, Jesus will make His face to shine upon you.” Jack quickly replied, “NO!! That will be too bright in my eyes.” I, of course, thought this was adorable!!

Also, last night Ben was reading the story of Creation to Jack and explaining that everything God created was good… that He did a great job so on the seventh day He rested from all of that good work. Jack listened and then said, “Dad, I think God should get a sucker for doing such a good job.” I love the way kids think!