Another lesson from my kids. Here is how it went down.
Jack: “mom, I want to watch a show…can I please watch a show??”
Me: “we will watch one in a little bit, I just want you to play with your brother right now…it isn’t even 7:30am yet and we just finished breakfast.”
…..a few minutes later
Jack: “mom, I have not watched a show yet, can I please watch a show?”
Me: “what did I just say?”
Jack: “that we could watch one in a little bit”
Me: “ok, and we will”
…….several minutes later
Jack: “mom, can I watch a show?”
Me: “Jack, I already told you twice that we would watch a show in a little bit and we will, now you just need to be patient and I will tell you when it is time to watch a show. Do not ask again!!!”

Literally 30 seconds after this took place Ben and I looked at each other and we knew – this is exactly how God feels with us. We take something to Him in prayer and we keep asking and asking, especially if it does not happen quickly or on our time table. All the while He is saying to us, ” I already told you I would do it, now you need to be patient and go do what I have told you to do. You do not need to ask again, just wait on my perfect timing.”

I choose to believe the promises God has spoken and will do my best to be patient, wait on his timing, and not ask again 🙂

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